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Jenny Haskins is famous for her beautiful and elegant embroidery designs. Jenny has been creating embroidery collections since 1999 and has a beautiful catalogue of designs including floral collections, beautiful quilt designs and many other techniques based on the embroidery range. Her latest collections are: Harvey's Garden, applique designs for her first grandson Harvey, Margaret's Magnificent Melody , see the glorious black, white and red quilt on the opening page and Peaches Purses a range of glorious embroidered purses based on the 'candy wrapper' purses .


Due to the popular demand for the directions to make quilts from the Studio of Jenny and Simon that are now out of print, these Special Edition project based design CDs are being released to meet these needs and more at a budget price!

Jenny, Simon and Robbie are noted for their inspirational creativity and believe in not only producing unique embroidery designs, but showing the consumer what can be done with them. These CD's introduce not only brand new designs to the market but a new project (not published previously) which is beautifully photographed with full directions, (including step-by-step easy to follow pictures) on how to complete this project using the new designs. You can print the directions from the CD and make them into a reference book to add to your sewing/quilting libuary. In effect you are getting a book plus all the designs (plus more) to make the project! Go to Sammie's Love Hearts to view the Windmills of the Heart, patchwork pieced, embroidered double applique quilt - you will just love it. Also remember Jenny backs all her designs up with projects that are regularly published in Creative Expressions to keep you machines happily sewing.