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$50.00 AUD
(excluding GST)

A 21st Century technique that will take the 'hard' factor out of quilting
The latest book by Jenny Haskins featuring the quilt, step-by-step directions and photos along with all the embroidery/quilting designs to make: A Place in the Sun - the ultimate testament to machine embroidered appliqué and quilting in a HOOP which will revolutionize quilting!

A Place in the Sun is a double-sided quilt which is totally quilted and appliqued in a 200mm x 200mm hoop including: blocks, sashing, scalloped borders and cornerstones, all of which incorporate built-in stitch cutting lines, pieced with the Jenny Join for perfectly flat seams. Quilt like Jenny, it is as EASY AS 1-2-3!

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Download A Place in the Sun - P1 Making Quilt Video (185 MB)

Download A Place in the Sun- P2 Making Border Video (86.6 MB)

Download A Place in the Sun - P3 Other Projects Video (56.9 MB)

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